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A global voice for actors of change
Embracing Agroforestery to save the ecuadorian rainforest
Is it possible to curb deforestation in the Amazon rainforest while improving living conditions for indigenous populations?...
Preserving biodiversity in Wallonia, one reserve at a time
Chemin forestier en Belgique
Close to the fortress of Charlemont near Givet, along the French border at the southern edge of the Walloon region, the Baq...
Ridding the St. Lawrence of plastic pollution
St Laurent, canada
It is the most iconic of Canada’s rivers, and the one where it all begins. The St. Lawrence is the geographical, economic a...
Preserving a plant paradise
bombeya acutangula
A major ecological challenge
Ancestral knowledge to the rescue for indigenous plants
Easter Island – Chile
Easter Island – Chile
Nestled on the edge of the South Pacific, Easter Island (or Rapa Nui, literally “Big Rapa” in the native language) has alwa...
The return of a primary forest in Europe
Although they covered a large part of the continent for millions of years, primary forests have almost completely disappear...
Saving australian plants
action australia
Supporting the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney’s mission to protect Australia’s incredible biodiversity for future generations....
Reviving the forest on the island of Flores
Reviving the forest on the island of Flores
Helping the inhabitants of the island of Flores to protect their forest and to better live with it.
Reviving ancient seeds
Reviving ancient seeds
Using modern technologies to regenerate species that have disappeared from nature.
Saving the sea marigold, an andangered flower
Saving the sea marigold, an andangered flower
The sea marigold was on the brink of disappearing
Saving plants that heals
Wild Plants: Healing and Conservation