From Senegal to Uganda via France, Spain and the United States, we’re taking practical steps to protect endangered plant species. How? By planting 10,000 desert date palms a year in Senegal to combat desertification, and by enabling schoolchildren in France and Madagascar to replant 3,000 trees near their homes to make them aware of their ability to do something for the planet. Interested? Find out more about our projects below.

Project type
Restoring English peatlands and their biodiversity
United Kingdom
Although largely ignored in climate issues, peatlands are actually unparalleled carbon stores and havens of biodiversity. I...
Preserving biodiversity in Wallonia, one reserve at a time
Chemin forestier en Belgique
Close to the fortress of Charlemont near Givet, along the French border at the southern edge of the Walloon region, the Baq...
Embracing Agroforestery to save the ecuadorian rainforest
Is it possible to curb deforestation in the Amazon rainforest while improving living conditions for indigenous populations?...
Ancestral knowledge to the rescue for indigenous plants
Easter Island – Chile
Easter Island – Chile
Nestled on the edge of the South Pacific, Easter Island (or Rapa Nui, literally “Big Rapa” in the native language) has alwa...
The return of a primary forest in Europe
Although they covered a large part of the continent for millions of years, primary forests have almost completely disappear...
Millions of trees to ensure Taiwan’s future
To stem the loss of its territory, the island of Taiwan has turned to an old ally as powerful as they are natural... trees....
Reviving the forest on the island of Flores
Reviving the forest on the island of Flores
Helping the inhabitants of the island of Flores to protect their forest and to better live with it.
Making the Australian rainforest a sanctuary
Making the Australian rainforest a sanctuary
The Daintree rainforest, along the coast of Queensland in north-east Australia, is one of the last remnants of the immense ...
Preserving a plant paradise
bombeya acutangula
A major ecological challenge