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Biodiversity and botanic

Biodiversity and botany

Understanding the plant world so we can better protect it

For Klorane Botanical Foundation, putting plants back at the heart of our lives means passing on and sharing our passions, knowledge, expertise and experiences.

Defending and protecting plant biodiversity can only happen by learning more and more about it. By helping everyone unlock the mysteries of their environment, we’re at least arousing interest in – and hopefully fostering commitment to – preserving these ecosystems by sharing botanical and ecological knowledge.

Understanding biodiversity

Understand and preserve biodiversity

Biodiversity is all around us – it’s what makes the world go round! From the undergrowth to pavements, riverbeds to garden nooks and crannies, we’ll help you decode biodiversity and find out how to preserve it!



A love of nature, the science of plants and a passion for everything that grows, Klorane Botanical Foundation gives you the keys to understanding living things and seeing the world around you with fresh eyes.

Klorane Botanical Foundation

Klorane Botanical Foundation

Putting plants back at the heart of our lives through action, projects and sharing with young and old, experts and novices alike. We all have a role to play in preserving biodiversity.