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Looking for fun activities to explore nature? Sow a seed with your little ones and watch it grow, build an insect hotel, organise a family treasure hunt deep in the forest or around your neighbourhood... We have a wide range of fun and educational activities ready for you to try on your own, as a family or in the classroom. From colouring and crafts to games, videos and posters, find the perfect activities for all ages and interests.

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Coloring "Zag at the heart of the jungle”

big coloring

"Seed paper"

Seed paper
Make ready-to-plant seed-paper with your child! An original way to send a message to your loved ones! 

"Plant-based tie-dye" snack pouch

main push pochette tye and dye
This family activity helps children discover some magical ways of using nature’s treasures.

Display for cuttings

Display for cuttings
All plant enthusiasts are involved in plant cuttings It’s an easy way to multiply their plants for free, without harming th...

City treasure hunt

City treasure hunt
All children love experiencing the great adventure of a treasure hunt!