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Seed paper

"Seed paper"


Make ready-to-plant seed-paper with your child! An original way to send a message to your loved ones! 


How to make seed-paper

Step 1

What you will need

  • Paper (use scraps leftover from other projects or just paper for recycling).
  • Egg box
  • Water
  • Tea towel 
  • Bathroom towel
  • Tray or plate
  • Soup spoon
  • Salad bowl
  • Blender 
  • Small seeds 
Step 2

Use whichever seeds you have at home.

It is best to use flower seeds, but you can also use herb seeds, such as parsley, dill or basil for example. 
You can also use flaxseeds from your kitchen, which have a pretty mauve flower. These must be raw seeds, not toasted or cooked. 

Step 3

Tear the egg box and paper into small pieces and place in the salad bowl.

The colour of the pieces of paper used will define the final colour of the seed-paper.

Step 4

Add enough water to cover the paper and then leave to rest for a few minutes until it has been fully absorbed. 

Step 5

Use a blender to combine the mixture, creating a sort of paste. This is your paper pulp!

Step 6

Get ready to create your sheet of paper.

To do this, place a bathroom towel, folded into several layers, on a watertight tray or large plate. 
Place a tea towel on top. 

Step 7

Using a soup spoon, spread the paper pulp onto the tea towel.

Don’t worry if the thickness varies but try to aim for around two millimetres. 
If you spot a hole, simply fill it in with a bit of the paper pulp.

Step 8

Sprinkle the seeds over the paper pulp while it is still wet. 

Step  9

Pat the seeds with the back of the spoon to gently push them into the pulp.

This will help keep them attached to the paper once it has dried. 

Step 10

Leave the paper to dry in the sun or near a radiator for several hours.

Change the bathroom towel when it becomes too wet. 

When the sheet of paper is dry, gently detach it from the tea towel. 

It is very likely that the paper will lend a hand, by starting to detach from the tea towel all by itself! 

Step 11

Cut the seed-paper into little hearts, using a pair of scissors.

Help your child by drawing the shapes on the back of the paper using a pencil. Your child can then write on them, draw little pictures or even create letters and send them as gifts for birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and other happy occasions. 

Step 12

To plant the seed-paper, simply bury it under soil in a plant pot or flower bed, water and then wait patiently for your gift to grow.

Activity article written and created by ©Morganours