6-10 years

City treasure hunt

City treasure hunt
All children love experiencing the great adventure of a treasure hunt!

Comprendre la forêt naturelle

foret © Jessica Buczek
Activité à animer en classe. 4 posters pour comprendre la richesse de la forêt naturelle.

“A Be-Greened City”

Vegetated city
This new do-it-yourself plant-based activity helps children discover seed germination while enjoying themselves in construc...

"Plant Dye"

"Plant Dye"
A "do it yourself" project conducted with your child. The idea is to let him/her discover our rich plant world, using all t...

Make your own bedroom mobile from some old wood and vegetable paints!

Make your own bedroom mobile from some old wood and vegetable paints!
Whether big or small, our kids love hanging mobiles from their bedroom ceilings. Whether for play, decoration or something ...

"Plant-based tie-dye" snack pouch

main push pochette tye and dye
This family activity helps children discover some magical ways of using nature’s treasures.

"Seed paper"

Seed paper
Make ready-to-plant seed-paper with your child! An original way to send a message to your loved ones! 

"Frozen Flower Pallets"

Nature unfolds at the first rays of dawn. The days grow longer, temperatures become milder, insects appear and trees start ...

A Botanist’s Advent Calendar

A Botanist’s Advent Calendar
An advent calendar inspired by nature to enchant and spoil us, like a warm embrace by the fireplace.