The botany kits are on their way to school!

"Botanist's Seed" 2017-2018


The aim of our original educational initiative, "Botanist's Seed", is to increase children's awareness of plants' importance.

For the 7th consecutive year, Klorane Botanical Foundation is preparing to send 600 kits to French elementary school classes.

Thanks to these free activity aids and their use by volunteering teachers, in 2018, nearly 20,000 students will discover botany by planting seedlings and making herbariums, studying posters, or reading a very detailed plant collection guide in class.

At the crossroads between science and fun, the "Botanist's Seed" kit explores many topics.
What roles do plants play? How do they allow us to breathe? What is their place in the world of living things? How do they reproduce?

The initiative is a growing success… Once again this year, all of the kits had been reserved in just a few hours through the online form!


Botany kits for children




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