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New podcasts « UNESCO Green Citizens »


UNESCO Green Citizens is an initiative that connects local citizen solutions, UNESCO's scientific expertise, and the willingness of young people to engage in the fight against climate change. It highlights over 150 innovative and duplicable projects led by citizens in 65 countries.

This new podcast series take you into the field to discover 5 of these citizen projects. The project leaders, accompanied by 5 UNESCO experts, share their struggle with us and explain the challenges in their area of commitment.

An exclusive podcast series produced by Radio France in collaboration with UNESCO and Klorane Botanical Foundation, founding partner of UNESCO Green Citizens.


5 thematic podcasts

Recorded in the heart of the Namib Desert, in the Sierra Gorda in Mexico, in the Bahamas, in the heart of an urban forest in Australia and the Al Hoceima National Park in Morocco... listeners are invited to immerse themselves in the local environment of project leaders and to be inspired by their creativity to fight against climate change.

Each episode of approximately 15 minutes features 1 project leader and 1 UNESCO specialist working in the same field:



Journey into biodiversity:


UNESCO biodiversity expert Maria Rosa Cardenas, and project owner Martha “Pati” Ruiz Corzo, present the Sierra Gorda alliance, which has simultaneously advanced economic development and biodiversity conservation in Mexico.




Saving the corals:


UNESCO expert Fanny Douvere and Coral Vita’s project owner Sam Teicher talk about the importance of saving the world's corals.




At the forest school:


UNESCO biodiversity expert Meriem Bouamrane and project owner Grey Coupland invite us to understand why it's important to save forests and preserve biodiversity in Australia.




Fishermen, guardians of the sea:


UNESCO expert Francesca Santoro and project owner Houssine Nibani present a prime example of the preservation of marine ecosystems in Morocco.




Learning in the desert:


UNESCO expert Bernard Combes and project owner Viktoria Keding talk about protecting the desert and the importance of environmental education.