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planting trees

Schools planting trees

France & Madagascar

Enabling pupils in France and Madagascar to plant 3,000 trees near their homes and to become aware of their potential to act for the world.


« 1 tree for me, 2 for you = 3 trees for the planet »


Kids plant their own bit of forest

forest and life

Hands in the earth

Just imagine. Students from 4 different schools joining their efforts to replant trees in agriculture! This is not just a dream, this is the challenge of the Forest & Life program, which offers them the joy of leaving the school benches for an engaging and meaningful action: planting a tree. A memorable day for 100 children from several elementary schools in the Tarn region, but also for the Earth to whom they give a nice gift. 
And guess what? On the other side of the planet, other little school children are doing just the same...


1 tree in France for 2 in Madagascar

You can never have too many trees to plant. And it's even better if, somewhere else in the world, your friends can benefit from it to protect endangered forests. That’s why the Tarn schools are twinned with another elementary school in Madagascar! 

Schools planting trees

1000 trees in France

Mulberry trees, lime trees, poplars, ... We are talking about a multitude of trees and shrubs to be replanted within the agricultural plots and in the form of hedges, following the principles of agroforestry. The plot, located in Monestiès, belongs to the farmer Bruno Doumayzel, who is delighted to welcome the children and the project to his farm. The French Association of Agroforestry is the technical partner of the project.


2000 trees in Madagascar

Mangrove trees have been chosen to be planted to protect the mangrove in Tsongeritelo near Tuléar. Indeed in this location, between global warming and human activity, the coasts are far from being as wooded as they once were. On site, the project is coordinated by the Eau de Coco association.


Learning about green life and solidarity

The Forest & Life programme is much more than a field day: it goes on at school. Nature can also be discovered indoors too, when you are well equipped! Through the program, the pupils and their teachers receive educational resources to study the life of plants and forests over a whole school year. They also have access to the productions of the other classes in the programme, exchange letters and drawings with their pen pals and discover their daily lives...


forest and life

The programme has 5 objectives for the kids:


  • To help them reconnect with nature, hands directly in the earth
  • To discover the richness of the forest and another sense of time, that is longer: the time of the trees.
  • To become aware of their potential to act from an early age
  • To discover international solidarity, thanks to twinning with a Southern country 
  • To work against climate change by participating in the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

The schools benefiting from the programme will receive our famous Budding Botanist educational kit as a bonus, to broaden the pupils' plant knowledge.


Together for our schoolchildren

Klorane Botanical Foundation supports this project initiated by Kinomé, and implemented in partnership with the national education system through the Canopé network. The national Forest&Life programme has been deployed in 10 countries with more than 25,000 children who have replanted more than 150,000 trees together.
Kinomé has already set up several twinning and planting actions with primary schools and is developing many other actions around the world on reforestation, biodiversity, climate... As children quickly learn when they are in contact with the earth, nature goes far beyond trees...