BiodiversiTerre 2018

For its second edition, BiodiversiTerre was held at Place de la République in Paris from 2-5 June 2018.
Among the 8 living exhibits created for the occasion, Klorane Botanical Foundation is the living embodiment of the "Transmission of botanical passion".

BiodiversiTerre: An event celebrating biodiversity 

Conceived by Gad Weil, this exhibition of what plants and man have accomplished, sets out the ecological challenges and man's responsibility for the environment.
On the discovery trail, visitors can see how farming, nature, producers and consumers can coexist, and the potential symbiotic relationship between urban development and rural life.
Numerous interactive virtual reality exhibits have been set up to allow visitors to explore our future relationship with nature.

Klorane Botanical Foundation: a botanical scene to convey a passion for plants.

In the eight scenes presented to visitors, the Foundation gives pride of place to plants that feature in our daily lives and in our cities.

It is through these botanical workshops that the Klorane Botanical Foundation has wanted to show to the general public its commitment to the protection and enhancement of our botanical heritage.

A sensory journey for young kids

"Planting" workshops for older kids

"Creative DIY Planting" workshops for adults


Fun and educational, BiodiversiTerre strives to increase public interest in new occupations and to highlight the daily lives of professionals who devote all their time and energy to protecting, growing and enhancing France's crops and urban farms and allotments. Klorane Botanical Foundation fits perfectly into this approach.

BiodiversiTerre in numbers

  • 20,000 m2 of ephemeral plants 
  • More than 30 varieties of flowers
  • Many thousands of visitors
  • 8 months of preparation
  • Numerous debates about sustainable development




Herbarium on Stage: mobile workshops just for kids

Helping kids dust off the herbarium with pop-up workshops open to everybody...