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A digital quiz full of wonders

A digital quiz full of wonders


Test your botanical knowledge and have fun, for kids and adults ! 


Meet Zag online and discover some of the most beautiful mysteries of plant life with him.



On for a great journey

Hello there, fabulous nature!

Did you know that bats can sometimes replace bees to pollinate flowers? Or that tomato is actually a fruit? Here is the kind of marvellous little secret our friend Zag, that cute little lizard, loves. He just won’t miss a chance to share them, so he’s decided to make a quiz out of them to share all his discoveries online. Many thanks to him, our loyal botanist friend!

Zag has spared no energy to talk about his passion and bring new tiny botanists onboard. Who will get the most points and claim all their botanist medals? You won’t know unless you play! Here comes more than 100 questions to explore the many secrets of plants in a charming world filled with water painting illustrations. You won’t get bored, that’s for sure!



For all kids, 6-10 years

Some of you have already explored botany, others are just beginning to discover its marvels. Knowing this, Zag has chosen to offer two levels in his quiz, beginner and advanced, and 8 different topics.


True or false, riddles, questions...


From plant lives to their everyday use or their various roles in nature, Zag is interested in everything that matters.

A great start to become an amazing botanist!


What plants are really good at living in the desert?
What is the most expensive mushroom you can eat?
Do pineapples grow on trees?
How deep can the roots of a tree go?

You’ll get the answers as you play!

Play the "Budding Botanist" quiz


Our Junior Botany kit

Feel like you’ve met Zag already? That must have been in our Junior Botany kit! A little treasure box full of activities to discover the kingdom of plants, with your family. It contains nasturtium seeds to sow, one DIY pressed plant bookmark, workshops to do, and of course, Zag’s famous quiz.
Each year, we offer 1000 kits through a Spring contest in France. But Zag felt like he didn’t want anyone to miss out and decided to put his quiz online. Everyone can play now!


     Stay tuned to know more about our botanical tools