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 Junior Botany Kit

Junior Botany Kit


At home & outdoor, discovering plants together





 Junior Botany Kit


Zag is a lizard in no way like others. He has always known he would become a botanist!

With his magnifying glass, his pens and his boots, he’s been scrutinizing nature ever since he was a kid. Needless to say he is a pro.
And we have good news: Zag is quite the sharer. So together with Klorane Botanical Foundation, he’s created a magnificent kit to help kids discover plants and get to understand them better. He took a break in sunbathing to invent plenty of workshops to do at home, in town or in the forest.

 Junior Botany Kit


Plants are a whole kingdom that’s for sure. So there is more than one way to explore their world. Our super-botanist Zag has gone the extra mile to share his passion with kids, looking for ways to emulate their curiosity through all five senses. Observing nature, spotting species, planting a flower then patiently witnessing its growth, and even eating its leaves in a smoothie later.

All the family can take part in the activities, for the more the merrier!


Let’s open the box!

Boxed set; fun cards, kraft bags

7 fun and pedagogical workshops:

1 pack of nasturtium seeds to sow

Nature can be observed indoors too! To become a super-botanist, curiosity and keen observation will be necessary: be a special witness to the germination, the first leaves...

1 dehydrated soil pellet 

How fun to see it swell when soaked in water! And then even better to see the seeds grow.

1 botanical quiz & discovery set 

With dare cards, true or false questions, games and even funny anecdotes, there is so much to learn so easily. The quiz includes 50 cards and two levels of difficulty so that both budding botanists and more experienced ones can play.

1 DIY pressed plant bookmark

Time to dry the most beautiful leaves and flowers before placing them under the protecting sheet for a first herbarium… Such a nice way to learn all about patience, care and creativity along with nature!

A set of stickers

10 cute stickers to decorate a flower pot, an exercise book or the bookmark. And of course, Zag is on some of them!

A treasure hunt to do in town and in the forest

What an amazing treasure hunt! Zag is taking us for a walk to find small marvels of the natural world… Who will be the first to see a snail? 

A leaflet with botanical workshops

Colourful and fun activities await in the kit and as bonuses. The program includes making and decorating a plant pot to sow the seeds, making a superb butterfly to make it even better looking, sowing and adding the proper label to the plant, completing a drawing to follow the growth of the nasturtium, preparing an exquisite smoothie with the leaves and putting together the pressed plant bookmark with dried flowers




The themes addressed in the box

  • Biodiversity
  • Uses of plants 
  • The forests
  • Eco-responsible behaviour
  • Nature in the city
  • The vital needs of plants and photosynthesis
  • The botanical vocabulary
  • Reproduction and pollination
  • The seasons 

In order to share its passion for botany, our Foundation has created this kit by giving each workshop pedagogical aims that are beneficial in a process of environmental education yet go further that the world of plants: it’s all about caring for what’s around us, getting creative, being curious...


Where to find it?

1000 kits will be offered through a contest during the Spring in France. 
There will also be additional workshops available for all and for free on the website, released throughout the year.

Discover all the bonus workshops now

Beautiful colouring pages to print are already available online together with other activities!

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