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Projet Silva, native forest thrives


Created by volunteers in 2018 at the heart of the Tarn Departement in France, the Silva project is about planting trees and grow a forest using the Miyawaki method, to boost biodiversity.

Un an après avoir participé à sa plantation, l’équipe de Klorane Botanical Foundation est retournée dans la forêt tarnaise du projet Silva.

One year later, the Klorane Botanical Foundation team that planted the trees returned to the Tarn forest, home of the Silva project.

Despite limited losses (5% only) caused by the summer drought, all the species planted a year before were thriving. The trees had healthy growth and some of them are now over 2m high. 


The forest is only 9 month old, but it looks like it was planted three years ago! Biodiversity is plentiful: various insects, deer and wild boar footprints... bee hives were also set up. 

According to the project's instigator, this is both an ecological and social success story, which should lead us to question old habits and current ways of life; it's an opportunity to adopt a natural pace. Actually, Yann Roques moves on to a second project, in Valdériès, also in the Tarn Departement. A new forest will be planted with the same method, in the Fall of 2019.