Botany for Change 2016

The 2016 Botany for Change Award


Looking back on the first edition

Through the Botany for Change Award, launched in November 2015, Klorane Botanical Foundation invited botany, horticulture, architecture and landscape design students to paint the town green by imagining the "City Garden of the Future".

A garden dedicated to the beauty and diversity of the plant world, which showcases the very best initiatives for change through botany. A garden that reflects future ways of life while adapting to climate change.


BEST OF #BOTANYFORCHANGE 2015-2016 / Klorane Institute FV



The BEAUtanical puzzle

The four green creations selected by the jury were unveiled to the public in front of Paris City Hall (on May 20th, 21st and 22nd, 2016) in a giant BEAUtanical puzzle.


A BEAUtanical puzzle made up of nine pieces

  • each of the four corner pieces presents a winning creation.
  • the four side pieces are the work of Klorane Botanical Foundation, with gardens symbolizing the four cardinal points.
  • the last piece, in the centre, is made for children, with Herbarium workshops to introduce them to Botany.


Herbarium workshops for young children

Over these three days, the public could discover the diverse, ingenious interpretations of the city garden of the future, the youngest visitors going home with their own personalized herbariums.



The four winners of the Botany for Change Award


"Open Roof"


Charles Moreau, Pauline Houlon and Sophie Kling, Master 1 Paysage students at Agrocampus Ouest Angers.


"Therapeutic Garden"


Clémentine Cazaentre and Andréa Cloche, 4th year landscape architecture students at ENSP Versailles.


"Little Green Haven"


Jean-Alfredo Albert, William Brindel, 1st year landscape architecture students at ENSP Versailles.


"Oasis of Greenery"


Mathilde Baranez, Tangui Martin, Vincent Prevost, Maxime Renaud, 1st year landscape design students at École du Breuil.


A lasting impression

And once the puzzle had been put together... to allow plants to return to their rightful place in the urban landscape, the four winning creations of the Botany for Change Award were given a second life in Paris' shared garden spaces. They will be showcased at the Maison du Jardinage in Parc de Bercy during educational and practical workshops.

The members of the jury

For this national Botany for Change Award, Klorane Botanical Foundation wished to surround itself with key players of the botany world, with the desire to bring together a range of complementary viewpoints with technical, creative and visionary focuses.

  • ALAIN BARATON – Head Gardener of the Grand Parc at the Château de Versailles and the Domaine National du Trianon/Author of numerous publications on botany
  • MARC JEANSON – Head of the National Herbarium of the French National Museum of Natural History (the world's leading herbarium with eight million specimens).
  • DAVID JEANNEROT RENET – Urban Gardener and rock'n'roll planter. Founder of the Les Mauvaises Graines concept store.
  • STEPHANE MARIE – Host of the Silence ça Pousse (France 5) television show/Author of publications on gardens and plants.
  • ERIC CHIRON – Professional landscaper/Creator and collaborator on Klorane Botanical Foundation's mobile "BEAUtanical" puzzle.
  • BRUNO SUET – Photographer specialized in botany.


On March 29th, this jury of botany experts and devotees decided on the 4 winning groups.




The Botany for Change award: designing the City Garden of the future

A competition to revegetate the city with passionate students, on the theme...