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2021 Botany For Change Award


To mark the 6th edition of the national Botany For Change Award, Klorane Botanical Foundation is inviting students of botany, horticulture, architecture and landscaping to create the urban garden of tomorrow in one unique setting, the Happy Vallée.


Our towns and cities are growing... and our green spaces are gradually disappearing. Let’s refocus on nature and reinvest in our urban spaces !


What if, instead of two soulless concrete strips, we reimagined our motorways as green spaces where people, flora and fauna could live together side-by-side in harmony ?


Cette idée est sur le point de devenir réalité grâce au projet Happy Vallée qui va transformer l’autoroute A1 Paris-Roissy en une ceinture écologique nourricière et heureuse.

Ce véritable retour à la nature, soutenu par Klorane Botanical Foundation, débute aujourd’hui et atteindra sa forme finale d’ici 2024, pour les Jeux Olympiques à Paris.

As part of their participation in this wonderful project, Klorane Botanical Foundation is bringing younger generations to the table with their France-wide Botany For Change Award.

A competition open to young botanical experts across France

Throughout France, groups of botany, horticulture, architecture and landscaping students can take part and offer their positive, practical and active contribution. The competition is open to those studying at university or college (Bac+2 to Bac+5). Each group, made up of 2 to 5 people at most, will need to nominate a team leader.

their challenge ? to re-green a portion of the A1 motorway near Paris.


The purpose is to greenify a 600-1,000m2 plot of land in the heart of the Happy Vallée, a popular/busy area in the Roissy-en-France region (the Tabuteau triangle).


Students will need to design the urban garden of the future, sustainable and long-lasting :

  • responding to our future lifestyles while adapting to climate change
  • consistent with the Happy Vallée programme
  • an educational, unifying and inclusive space for raising awareness among the general public of the importance of preserving biodiversity in urban areas
  • embodying the transfer from old to young by creating a square for young seedlings

Following a precise set of specifications and immersing themselves in real-life constraints, students will have 3 months to create a rewarding project with the help of experienced professionals.


The winning project

In spring 2021, the winning project will be chosen by a panel of experts. It will then come to life at the heart of an unprecedented scheme, leaving a lasting impact on the French urban landscape and expressing a clear vision to greenify our cities and protect biodiversity.
The winning group will also take home a €5,000 prize.
This unique experience is an opportunity to build and keep your very own garden alive, to rub shoulders with the big names in landscaping, to make a name for yourself by taking part in a project that will be followed by the media and, of course, to boost their CV.

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