The 5th edition of the Botany for Change award is exported to China

After Paris, Marseille and Seoul, the 2020 edition of the Botany for Change award will be held in Shanghai. 

Located on China’s central coast, Shanghai is the largest city in the country. Its green spaces currently occupy 16% of its surface area, and the government aims to increase this number to 23% by 2035 in order to fight climate change and improve inhabitants’ quality of life. 

In line with this initiative, our Botany for Change award invites young botany, architecture and landscaping students to put greenery at centre stage in our cities and hearts. It is open to all Chinese universities, and potentially to more than 160,000 students. 


The Bund as the setting 

At the heart of this megalopolis, there is a famous waterfront promenade lined with buildings from the colonial era: the Bund. 
It is for this emblematic setting, lively and popular with tourists, that the candidates to the Botany for Change award will design the City Garden of Tomorrow. 

The City Garden of Tomorrow

The students’ challenge will be to design an urban garden that combines creativity, aesthetics and sustainable development, covering a surface area of 550 m2.  
A panel composed of botany experts and enthusiasts, including the formidable Alain BARATON, will select the winning project.
Do to the Covid-19 crisis, the reveal has been postponed.

An important partner

For this ambitious challenge, our Foundation has teamed up with a local NGO, Clover Nature School. 
Highly active and involved in introducing vegetation into the urban landscape of Shanghai, this organization creates community gardens that allow city-dwellers to get involved. To date, over 300 gardens have been created, and 2,000 volunteers have been mobilized. 

A wonderful opportunity for our Foundation to expand its sphere of influence and share its passion for botany with the world. 


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