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The tree identification key

The tree identification key


How to identify a tree?

Identification criteria

To identify a tree, you very often begin by looking at its shape. Although certain species have a well-known and specific shape, this criterion remains quite arbitrary and insufficient for identification.
You need to observe specific parts of the tree such as the leaves, blossom, fruit (or cones in the case of conifers), buds and sometimes bark to successfully determine the species of a tree.

The identification key

There is a tool, called the “identification key”, which can be used to find the name of a species by observing various parts of the plant. 
To do this you must read it carefully. You need to follow the decision-making path, describing the specific characteristics of a specimen, to arrive at an exact species name. 
In some cases, you have to choose between two or more options at each level of observation.

Identifying conifers 

conifer branchesYou can identify a conifer by observing its leaves and cones. The leaves have different shapes, lengths, colours and are grouped and positioned differently along the branches. The same is true of the cones.

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