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An olive tree for life: overcoming addiction through nature

An olive tree for life: overcoming addiction through nature


Helping addicted individuals recover and reintegrate by working the land.



Planting to overcome addiction

A community in which to rediscover an appetite for life

In northern Italy, the community of San Patrignano hosts vulnerable people, most of whom suffer from drug addiction, free of charge. The goal is to help them overcome their addictions and reintegrate by learning a different way to live. For many residents, this readaptation involves the earth, with the option of choosing agriculture as a primary activity. Here, working the land can restore self esteem and help develop an understanding of the value of routine tasks and an enthusiasm for group living...

6 new olive groves to cultivate!

Here, working the land takes on many forms, including olive growing. To support the community of San Patrignano, Klorane Botanical Foundation chose to assist in its agricultural projects by planting 6 new parcels of olive trees. Over 4 years, the surface area dedicated to olive trees increased from 10 to 13 hectares, with over 1,000 new trees planted. And, of course, the olives are grown naturally, without the use of chemical fertilizers!

Olive oil to maintain autonomy

Klorane Botanical Foundation's support has enabled San Patrignano to increase its production of olive oil for sale to the public. This is not insignificant: the proceeds from this sale contribute to the financial independence of the community, which cares for its young guests free of charge.


Which olive tree varieties?

  • 60% correggiolo
  • 30% leccino
  • 5% moraiolo
  • 5% rossina

The Colline di Romagna PDO

The cultivation of olive trees and the production of oil have always been a part of the Rimini region, where the community of San Patrignano is located. Hills, a climate tempered by the sea, and centuries-old olive trees: this typicality has earned the territory a PDO label, which also covers part of the region surrounding Forlì-Cesena.


In harmony with nature and the protection of plant heritage

Since its creation, the Foundation has prioritized initiatives that are carried out in harmony with the territory, its plants, and all living things. For these young people taking part in a therapeutic program, exposure to nature, its rhythms and its seasons helps them rediscover forgotten values.


San Patrignano

An autonomous community for drug-addicted youths

Within the region, it brings people together and is a point of pride. Worldwide, it is one of the greatest rehabilitation success stories. And its reputation is very well-deserved! Since its beginnings in 1978, the community based in Coriano has assisted 25,000 people, including many thousands from prison settings. It is truly an autonomous village, and trains its young residents in various trades, depending on their preferences: baking, butchery, agriculture, woodworking, communication, plumbing, and even dentistry or graphic design...

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