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Web series “Reviving Extinct Species"

Web series “Reviving Extinct Species"

An original research programme in 6 episodes

These days, one associates extinct species with the animal world but much less so with the plant world. And yet… Climate change, human activity and even urbanisation are just as harmful to plant biodiversity. Globally, 20% of wild flora species are under threat of extinction.  


Who hasn’t dreamed of one day recreating an extinct living being?

It is known that certain grains have a very high longevity and can sometimes germinate after several decades or centuries! It could therefore be possible to regenerate species extinct in nature from living fragments of grains found… 

Klorane Botanical Foundation is therefore engaged in an ambitious project: “the revival of extinct species”, alongside the Conservatoire Botanique National de Brest and Vegenov (a technical centre specialising in plant biotechnologies).

An original research programme to revive extinct plants

The scientific research programme “Reviving extinct species” aims to regenerate extinct species from ancient seeds taken from herbaria or the soil bank.
A unique mission to help conserve global biodiversity in the laboratory, and if possible in nature.


A 6-episode web series following this marvellous story


A 6-episode web series has been launched to make as many people as possible aware of this marvellous story and to raise awareness among the general public of the need to protect biodiversity.


A scientific project combining botany, travel, history, plant biotechnology and the protection of biodiversity.


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