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Seeding for Future to preserve Taiwan’s coastline

Seeding for Future to preserve Taiwan’s coastline


From France to Taiwan, Klorane Botanical Foundation seeds its love to preserve Taiwan’s coastline.

When the wind blows, the land shrinks...

You might not know the fact: according to Taiwan branch of Greenpeace, by 2050, close to 6% of Taiwan’s land could be inundated due to rising sea levels and most of the land are urban area which will impact 2.9M populations’ habitat and destroy many historical sites.

That is why coastal reforestation to protect coastline becomes crucial when it comes to protecting coastline and homeland.


30 families, 750 plants: Guardian for the coastline

Being a natural and biodiversity advocator, Klorane Taiwan has shout out to Klorane Botanical Foundation, to expand its actions and support to this beautiful island.

En 2022, Klorane Botanical Foundation s’est associée à l’une des principales ONG qui agit pour la protection de l'environnement,  Tse-XinOrganic Agriculture Foundation (TOAF), afin de planter 750 arbres le long de la côte de Yi-Lan dans l’espoir de préserver le littoral dans le cadre de l’événement « Seeding for Future ».

On November 5th morning, 30 families with kids gathered, hand in hand, getting ready to plant trees.


Seeding for Future: Learn, Plant, Play, Enjoy!

The planting day kicked-off with workshop with the tree-planting expert, Chia-Ming, by sharing educational knowledge:

• Why protecting coastline is important

• How to preserve coastline

• How to best plant the trees

• Get to know the 4 kinds of trees you plant


Bonding relationship between the people and the land

"Dig a hole, then gently push the tree sapling down into it, cover the roots with soil, and water it well. Last but not least, SEND your love to the sapling, wish them good growth and thank them to be our guardian angel for the homeland".

Everyone enjoyed their time: kids signing songs for each plant they plant and brothers & sisters helping each other on planting. The land was full of laughter.


A grasp of soil, a hand-full of love to the land

This day is not only for tree planting, but also for building up the sense of responsibility for our land and nurture the kind heart of caring for small lives.


Words of JOY!

"Lucky to be here to have joined the event, I used to plant trees back in France, very happy to be part of the tree planting team for Taiwan thanks to support from Klorane Botanical Foundation. Good luck and good growth to the trees."- Patrice, International HRBP, Pierre Fabre Group.

"The event is more than planting trees; we infused different aspect of naturality mindset to the kids, through this way, we bond the love between people and the land, making the eco-loving community better and stronger."- Ingrid, Pierre Fabre Group.


"I’m from YiLan and I visited the coastline a lot, I can really see the coastline is protected in the past 5 years with the growth of the trees. Proud to be part of the event and I have enjoyed the moments."- Judy, participant of the planting day.


100 million trees, 25 years

Tse-Xin Organic Agriculture Foundation (TOAF) is a NGO shares same vision and mission with Klorane Botanical Foundation.

Founded in Taiwan in 1997, TOAF committed to restore the environment while improving livelihoods and human well-being. TOAF believes education is the key that determines our future, they seek to bond the relation of people and  nature through organic farming, green conservation, tree planting, vegan and plastic-free projects.


Starting from 2015, Tse-Xin Organic Agriculture Foundation has planted over than 710,000 trees on coastline of Taiwan, and the goal is to reach 100 million within 25 years. With the help of professional and business groups, the trees and eco-friendly awareness keep counting!