Klorane Botanical Foundation

Klorane Botanical Foundation is committed to preserving and promoting the world's plant heritage

Botany in action

For 25 years, the foundation has cultivated plants, of course, but also a passion for botany.

Our vision: to restore plants to their rightful place at the centre of our lives and preserve biodiversity.

We fervently protect endangered plant species through concrete action. Such as by planting 10,000 desert date trees each year to build the Great Green Wall in Senegal, or 10,000 olive trees in the Peloponnese after disastrous forest fires.

We ceaselessly explore plant biodiversity by supporting university theses or restoring herbariums.

Finally, we share our botanical passion as widely as possible through the "Botanist's Seed" educational program, the Botany for Changeaward, and "UNESCO GREEN CITIZENS".


Spearheaded by a man, Pierre Fabre

In 1994, Pierre Fabre created our corporate foundation, driven by a mission: to sow the seeds of a passion for botany around the world. The foundation was originally named Institut Klorane, and is now known as Klorane Botanical Foundation.


Our commitment takes the form of three concrete missions

  • To protect endangered plants,
  • Explore botanical treasures,
  • And share our passion for botany as widely as possible, especially with children.

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Corporate video - Klorane Botanical Foundation - 2019 / EN

We work all over the world

A desert halted by new trees

In Senegal, the foundation helps plant desert date trees, thereby taking part in the ambitious African "Great Green Wall" project: a green belt to be planted from West to East to fight desertification in the Sahel.

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It was on the brink of disappearing from Sicily

This is Calendula maritima guss.. This plant, endemic to Sicily, was critically endangered until very recently.

The aim of our action: to take this flower off the list of the top 50 endangered Mediterranean Island plants and give it a new lease on life!

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Preserving plant biodiversity is key

Under the influence of humanity's actions and climate change, our botanical heritage, which is naturally fragile, is rapidly dwindling.
With each species that goes extinct, not only is a resource lost, but plant biodiversity as a whole is also diminished. But this biodiversity is what maintains favourable conditions for life on Earth and provides many services to people and the animal kingdom.
Our mission is not an obligation, but a privilege: to give back to the plants that beautify and enrich our daily lives, all of the value that they provide to us.


We prioritize joint actions

There's no such thing as too many when it comes to protecting biodiversity. And when each person involved contributes his or her own unique expertise, it becomes possible to go even further. We therefore promote partnerships with botanical conservatories and gardens, universities, botanists and other experts, with whom we conduct joint actions.


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