Klorane Botanical Foundation

Who are we ?

For over 25 years now, Klorane Botanical Foundation has been working all over the world to preserve plant biodiversity and explore the power of plants.

Plants are vital 

Oxygen generators, carbon capturers, guardians of the Earth, nutritional and medicinal treasures... plants provide some truly irreplaceable ecosystem services. But they also face increasingly critical threats. Plant biodiversity loss runs the serious risk of leading to irreversible imbalances. Every year, hundreds of species edge a little closer to the point of extinction, weakening the essential bonds that unite all living things.


Protect, inspire, raise awareness: over 25 years of action

Protecting plant biodiversity is a mission Klorane Botanical Foundation has been devoted to for over two decades. It’s a mission that affects us all.

Since our foundation in 1994 by Pierre Fabre, all over the world, Klorane Botanical Foundation has been fighting deforestation, supporting virtuous agriculture, protecting endangered plant species and looking to plants for innovative solutions for our future.

And because we’re better at protecting the things we know and love, we invite citizens to reconnect with plants and take action from an early age so that environmental awareness is another gift we can pass on to the next generation.


Our 4 areas of focus

  • Fighting the disappearance of plant species
  • Protecting trees and forests within harmonious ecosystems
  • Recreating the bond between people and plants
  • Finding innovative solutions for our future in plants

Our missions



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