Citizens’ Day: Planting a Native Forest

As part of its support of the Silva Project, Klorane Botanical Foundation invited employees of the Pierre Fabre Group to plant trees on the morning of November 23rd, 2018, near Albi, in Tarn. 

Twenty people took part in this highly enriching experience, during which Yann Roques, the project lead, introduced them to the Miyawaki planting method and discussed the challenges of biodiversity. 

Numerous varieties of trees and shrubs were planted: oak, birch, willow, ash, holly, cherry, dogwood, quince, arbutus, and more... around four dozen in total. All of these species are native (meaning they have been present in the region for over 13,000 years, since the last ice age). The method used, developed by the Japanese botanist Akira Miyawaki, attempts to reproduce the conditions of an autonomous, lush and healthy natural environment. It breaks with the most common model of single- or two-species forests, which threaten biodiversity. As a reminder, when a plant variety dies, nearly 30 animal species can disappear. 


The Silva Project ("forest" in Latin) is a volunteer citizen’s initiative. It will be the subject of a documentary filmed over 3 years by Alexandre Leuger, a producer and a friend of Yann Roques, with ecological and experimental focuses. The event on November 23rd made it possible to plant the very last trees just before Saint Catherine’s Day, believed in France to be the ideal time for planting. 



Silva: Planting a native forest

Help a man to plant a native forest in Le Tarn.