"Budding Botanist", 2019 edition: the winners revealed!

For the second edition, the competition was open to all schools in the United States.
This national grant program initiated by KidsGardening and supported by the Klorane Botanical Foundation is a tremendous opportunity for all kids and teachers to create an educational garden.

Raising the environmental awareness of young city dwellers

The purpose of this initiative – through the creation of an educational garden – is to raise the awareness of young city dwellers to the importance of respecting the environment and the of ecosystem that surrounds us.


Budding Botanist 2019


6 finalists among 161 candidates


"Inez Elementary School" – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Theme: "Desert and Prairie Garden"

This garden will combine traditional regional design techniques with Xeriscaping ("nature-scaping") to promote water retention and erosion management.


"Thurston High School" – Redford, Michigan

Theme: "Rain Garden"

A rain garden will be installed at this school to promote biodiversity and watershed health while combating invasive species.


"Spring Hill Elementary School"– Knoxville , Tennessee

Theme: "Certified Wildlife Habitat"

This project is part of an existing local program to promote plant and animal biodiversity. It will use indigenous species only.


"M. Miano Elementary School" – Los Banos, California

Theme: "The Gateway Project"

This school has decided to devote an entire part of an existing garden, to carnivorous plants to feature a different ecosystem and biome.


"The Renaissance Charter School" – Jackson Heights, Queens, New York 

Theme:  "Renaissance Rooftop Garden"

As part of an educational program focused on agriculture, this school has imagined a rooftop vertical garden.


"Waltersville School" – Bridgeport, Connecticut

Theme: "Waltersville  School Garden"

This school will revamp the existing garden to create a habitat for pollinators, including a corridor for butterflies.



Each of the 6 winners will receive a $2,500 grant as well as educational materials worth $500, to set up their school garden. The gardens will be revealed starting March 2019.


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