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What is a herbarium?

What is a herbarium?


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If you're interested in botany, you've probably cracked open a herbarium at some point. This collection of plants dried between the pages of a book is the naturalist's oldest tool.

The Ancient Greeks created herbariums to organize their studies of plants. Today, the term 'herbarium' also refers to an establishment or institution that houses such a collection.

Key tools for learning about plant heritage, herbarium collections are heritage treasures that Klorane Botanical Foundation endeavours to protect. Shortly after the Foundation was created in 1994, a donation was made to the Natural History Museum of Paris for the partial restoration of the Herbarium of Asian Solanaceae under the direction of Professor Lu An Min.


What is a herbarium?

A herbarium is a collection of dried plants that are flattened and preserved between sheets of paper. Each plant is labelled with its scientific name and its common (or vernacular) name.

Herbariums function as a catalogue of the diversity of the Earth's plants. They serve to identify them and keep their memory alive.


How is a herbarium made?


Making a herbarium is a simple, fun activity. Simply follow the recommendations below to make your own herbarium and expand your knowledge of the world of plants.

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