Framed botanical picture

Carry on your walk in the forest with your child, to create a framed botanical picture together.

What to do

What you need:

Dried plants, frame and glue.

Tip for a glass back as shown in the photo: Buy two identical frames and use the two sheets of glass in the same frame.



Pick flowers and leaves found while walking in the forest with your child (avoid picking rare plants).

Choose different colours to create a vibrant combination.

Remove as much stalk as possible to make assembly easier.

Select and dry

Choose the most beautiful parts with best balance between flowers and leaves, in various harmonious sizes. Place the flowers next to each other between two sheets of paper (newspaper or blotting paper) and press under a weight (a pile of books for example). Leave to dry for 7 days, replacing the paper once or twice.

Place in a frame

When they are well and truly dry, place the leaves and flowers in your own design between the two pieces of glass or attach them using little dabs of glue to a paper base if you want a white, black or coloured background. Close the frame.


Get your child in tune with the rhythm of nature by collecting flowers and leaves and making a new picture for each season (discover different types of flowers/leaves).

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