Klorane Botanical Foundation arrives Down Under

Klorane Botanical Foundation is coming to Australia to advance its mission of PROTECT, EXPLORE and SHARE through a partnership with the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney.

The not-for-profit Klorane Botanical Foundation has established initiatives in 22 countries around the world, educated more than half a million children about plants and planted more than 100,000 trees to preserve natural ecosystems.


For over 200 years, the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney has led the way in discovering, understanding and conserving Australia’s plant life, making them the ideal partner for us in Australia. We look forward to commencing our important work together," said Florence Guillaume, Director of the Klorane Botanical Foundation.



Klorane Botanical Foundation will be working closely with the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney on these important initiatives:




The Gardens’ rainforest conservation program that uses world-class science to protect Australia’s rainforest species, the collection and conservation of NSW threatened species and the sharing of research achievements and expertise in the conservation of Australian plant biodiversity globally.


Delivery of ‘Herbarium on Stage’ workshops for families, in conjunction with the Royal Botanic Garden’s education program, providing children with a unique and interactive experience to help build their relationship with nature.



Jo White
Jo White, Director of Science and Conservation at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney said, "This partnership will enable us to conserve threatened plant species ex-situ and in-situ, improve the effectiveness and resilience of restored ecosystems, develop management plans to prevent biological invasions, and share our knowledge and expertise."








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