Budding Botanist, 2020 Edition

Klorane Botanical Foundation is pleased to support the fourth edition of Budding Botanist Grant. Designed by KidsGardening, this national contest is a great opportunity for American schools to create a school garden.


New criteria for the edition 2020-2021

Given the limitations posed by distance and hybrid learning options, applications that propose projects focused on the creation of virtual garden-based learning opportunities or take home gardening kits to better serve students engaged in remote learning are also encouraged and accepted. 


The prize

Each grant recipient will receive a package of tools and educational materials valued at $200 along with a check for $1,000 to spend on the materials needed to install a new or expand an existing school garden. 


This initiative is a way to teach youngest citizens to respect their world and inspire them to take care of the life they discover in their local ecosystems.

Winners will be announced by December 11, 2020.


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Designing a school garden for a new way to learn

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