Botany for Change 2017

Botany for Change offers a reflection on our urban future through the innovative ideas of young experts.


With this award, Klorane Botanical Foundation adopts a strong educational approach, offering young botanical talent an opportunity to improve our world and make a positive, concrete, active contribution.


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For the second edition of this French award, Klorane Botanical Foundation invited the community of botany, horticulture, architecture and landscape design students to paint the town green by creating the City Garden of the Future, on the theme of Botany and the Five Senses.

The plant creation selected by a jury of experts has been permanently brought to life in Paris' La Villette park, a spot that is conducive to the sharing of scientific knowledge. It was unveiled to the public and the media on May 19th, 20th and 21st, 2017. The winning group received a €5,000 prize.

Best-Of of the #BotanyForChange Award - 2016/2017 Edition


A unique chance for visibility for the winning students, whose project is concretely brought to life and will leave a permanent mark on the urban landscape!


"When botany sings the praises of our five senses…"

To compete in the second edition of Botany for Change, the candidates followed the theme by imagining the City Garden of the future on the theme of the five senses developing a sensorial journey that invites the public to rediscover the five senses through botany.


A sustainable, visible and interactive garden in the very centre of Paris

The "budding talent" proposed a sustainable project in the Jardin des Equilibres in Parc de La Villette.


Parc de La Villette, the largest park in Paris and the symbol of urban revegetation, houses the Paris Philharmonic, the Grande Halle, the Zenith and the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie. It is this unique oasis that the students were invited to respectfully redesign, integrating local biodiversity in their designs for a 150 m2 project that would live and adapt through the seasons.

"Diffuse Line": an evolving project that takes local biodiversity into account



The winning project by Arnaud Haincaud and Anthony Menut, students at the Ecole Nationale de Paysage de Versailles, wooed the jury while also meeting all of the criteria in the specifications: respect for the theme, the staging and communication of botany, sustainability and the application of sustainable development principles, feasibility, etc.


"Our garden's founding principle is that it grows and takes over the whole parcel over time thanks to its plants, which are able to spread or resow themselves without human intervention. It will thus gradually evolve depending on how the site is used. For us, a project like this one is the very essence of the garden of the future."


Arnaud Haincaud & Anthony Menut


The inauguration of the City Garden of the future on the theme of the 5 senses

The press conference for the garden's inauguration was held on Friday, May 19th, with an introductory speech by Delphine Jeammet (Director of Communication of La Villette), followed by speeches by Eric Ducournau and Florence Guillaume, who awarded the trophy to the students.



Guests were invited to discover "Diffuse Line" during a cocktail lunch hosted by the musician and storyteller Jean-Yves Bardoul, who captivated and amazed with his "green music", composed using various plants.


The event continued with an exceptional visit from Françoise Nyssen, the newly-appointed Minister of Culture.


For this inaugural weekend, Klorane Botanical Foundation held botany workshops on the theme of the 5 senses. On the program for Saturday, May 20th and Sunday, May 21st: a herbarium workshop, a Fragrant Pathways workshop and a guided tour of the Garden accompanied by the winning group.


The workshops were a major hit, with 220 children participating over the two days!


The jury



On Friday, March 24th, 2017, a jury of experts and devotees gathered to decide on the winning group.


For this national Botany for Changeaward, Klorane Botanical Foundation wished to surround itself with key players of the botany world, with the desire to bring together a range of complementary viewpoints with technical, creative and visionary focuses.


  • FLORENCE GUILLAUME - Director of Klorane Botanical Foundation.
  • ALAIN BARATON - Head gardener of the Grand Parc at the Château de Versailles and the Domaine National du Trianon / Author of numerous publications on botany.
  • URSULA KURZ - Landscape architect, co-founder of the Pasodoble landscape architecture and design workshop which helped create Parc de la Villette (1984 – 2005).
  • VALERIE CHAPAL - Technician with the operations and development division of Parc de la Villette.
  • ERIC CHIRON - Professional landscaper.
  • MARC JEANSON - Head of the National Herbarium of the French National Museum of Natural History (the largest herbarium in the world, with 8 million specimens).



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