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Plants and biodiversity join the classroom

Botany speaks to everyone. And how satisfying to see the youngest generation amazed by the beauty of flowers or delighted as they watch a plant slowly germinate, inch by inch! 

‘Budding Botanist’ school learning programme

To support the younger generation as they discover the plant world, since 1994, we’ve been offering our support to primary school teachers.
All teachers can request a botanical kit as a classroom aid to help introduce pupils to the world of plants (offer valid in mainland France, while stocks last).

Our resources have been made available online since the 2021-2022 edition.

What comes with the new ‘Budding Botanist’ kit? 


  • Plenty of fun learning materials encouraging more interaction and debate in the classroom around plants, biodiversity, ecosystems (posters, puzzles, mini-magazines, card games...).
  • Remarkable stories, as told by real-life botanists, to awaken children to the magic of nature and hopefully pass onto them a real passion for botany.
  • Seeds that can be sewn to help protect bees to observe their growth and attract pollinating insects (cornflower, pot marigolds, starflower, edible chrysanthemum).


1,500 kits distributed in time for the 2021 new school year 

To mark the release of the new edition of the kit, 1,500 kits were distributed specially in France.

Up to 45,000 children in CM1 and CM2 (8 – 11 years old) will benefit. 


But there are plenty of tools and resources available throughout the year


For those who haven’t yet had the opportunity to get the kit – or to access further educational resources, downloadable tools and interactive materials – simply visit our website.




Putting plants back at the heart of our lives

While our modern lifestyles continue to involve less and less direct contact with nature, it feels particularly important to us that botany can reach as many people as possible.

Besides the ‘Budding Botanist’ School Programme, we also provide lots of ‘Junior Budding Botanist’ tools and support to introduce children to the incredible riches of the plant world, (re)creating that all-important bond with nature as a result. 

Discover the ‘Budding Botanist’ kit





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