Botany kits for schools


Plants arrive in the classroom

Botany has something for everyone. And it's so satisfying to watch young ones transfixed by a flower's beauty, or astonished as they watch a plant germinate one centimetre at a time!

The "Budding Botanist" educational program

To help the youngest generation discover the world of plants, we provide support to primary school teachers.


Teachers can apply to receive a botany toolkit to help introduce their students to the world of plants.



Hundreds of kits distributed

Each year, we distribute hundreds of kits that make it possible to hold these educational events.

The program includes: the creation of a herbarium, the growing of seedlings using seeds from the kit, a plant quiz, an introduction to the fundamentals of botany... And posters that can be hung on the wall to continue the immersion year-round!


Inside the "Budding Botanist" kit

For each child: 1 herbarium kit, 1 packet of seeds to sow, a certificate.

For the classroom: 4 posters, 1 plant collecting guide.

For the teacher: 1 guide on how to use the kit, and many online materials.


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Registration for the "Budding Botanist" program is dedicated to french teachers.

Sharing today for tomorrow


Giving plants meaning

As our lifestyles come to involve less and less direct contact with nature, we believe it is especially important for young children to be exposed to botany. And as it happens, sharing is in our foundation's DNA.
With the "Budding Botanist" program, we introduce children to the incredible richness of the plant world to build their relationship with nature. This is the goal of our educational approach, which is brought to life through collaboration with volunteer teachers.



Our Budding Botanist program shares the approach of "UNESCO GREEN CITIZENS", a selection of inspiring Education for Sustainable Development initiatives endorsed by UNESCO.



Our "Budding Botanist" app

Become immersed in the world of plants by sowing five different seeds: Oat, blueberry, hemp, mango and Chinese peony.
The "Budding Botanist" virtual garden allows young and old alike to expand their botanical knowledge while having fun.

Discover Digital Herbarium app








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