“Cactus” pebbles

Transform simple pebbles into beautiful plants

What to do

What you need:

Pot, brush, finger paint, compost/sand, flat round pebbles of various sizes found while  walking on the beach with your child.

Select the pebbles

Let your child choose the stones (different sizes and shapes) to be used in your “plant” arrangement.

First layer of paint

Let your child paint the pebbles green (feel free to use several shades of green!).

Decoration details

For the decoration details (chevrons, lines, dots, crosses, etc.) let you imagination (and your brush) guide you, using white paint!


Fill the pot with compost or sand, then position the pebbles vertically and harmoniously: the larger ones at the back, the smaller ones at the front! If you want you can fill the top with small pebbles to hide the compost.

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